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    Whyte 2017 T-130 C RS

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    Single Chainring Specific Design

    The T-130 C RS features our single ring specific Carbon frame. A full width main pivot that increases torsional stiffness, extends bearing life and maximises suspension performance.

    Latest Generation 1 x 12 Eagle

    SRAM's all-new Eagle X01 12 speed drive-train is used on the T-130 C RS. This evolutionary groupset gives a massive 10-50 gear spread cassette, allowing the chainring to be increased to 34t, giving both top and bottom range improvement.

    Exceptional Levels of Control

    RaceFace ARC-30, 30mm wide, welded joint, UST Tubeless rims are combined with Maxxis TR tyres to give exceptional levels of control. Boost 148mm rear and 110mm front hubs have 10mm wide flange spacing creating a stiffer wheel.

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  • 901

    Whyte 2018 901

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