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New E-Bikes

Here at Evolution Bikes we’ve seen how E-Bikes are growing in popularity, and seen first hand how fun and inclusive they really are!

The entire Powerfly lineup has been updated again. The e-MTB category is rapidly evolving and Trek is staying at the forefront. We have a great number of these new models in store now and with more due to arrive over the coming weeks. Read below about the new range or head instore to see and experience the bikes for yourself!

New Powerfly models feature batteries integrated into the down tube (except Powerfly 4). There is also now a more intuitive e-MTB mode that’s simpler to use, due to be out on July 10th.

Finally, there is the addition of a Powerfly 4 hardtail that gets to a lower entry price.

The new range:

Powerfly 9 27.5 +

Powerfly 7

Powerfly 5

Powerfly 4

Women’s Powerfly 7

Women’s Powerfly 5

Women’s Powerfly 4

Powerfly FS 9

Powerfly FS 7

Powerfly FS 5

Powerfly FS 8 LT

Powerfly FS 9 LT


What’s the difference between Powerfly FS and Powerfly LT?

Powerfly FS (Full Suspension) features 130mm of front and rear suspension travel, which balances comfortable, efficient climbing with confident handling on descents and corners for the best overall trail bike feel. Powerfly LT (Long Travel) features 150mm travel front and rear for increased capability on more demanding terrain. We also offer a complete line of hardtail Powerflys, including Women’s models, for riders who desire simplicity or who may be riding smoother terrain.


With the battery integrated into the down tube, can it still be removed for charging?

Yes. The battery can be easily removed from the down tube for easy charging. Also, the battery can be locked and secured into the downtube to prevent it from being stolen or inadvertently thrown from the bike.