Come try before you buy at North Wales’ premier eBike store.

We have a comprehensive range of eBikes ready for you to try at our store 6 days a week.

Here at our new store location, we have access to quiet country lanes that offer great testing grounds to try out as many of our demo eBikes as you like. With easy parking and access to quiet way marked routes directly outside the store, it couldn’t be easier to test ride a new eBike today.

Come along and talk to one of our friendly eBike specialist and see the different styles of bikes available. We will talk you through the different options before kitting you up with a bike to try.

There is no need to book ahead, but if you do see a specific e-Bike model that takes your fancy then please send us an enquiry and we will do our best to help.

Please note that for security purposes we do require either a current photo id, driving license or passport.

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    • Sub eRide 6061 Alloy
    • 30mm Stanchion Tube, QR
    • Bosch Active, ext. 400Wh PowerPack
    • Selle Royal Essenza saddle
    • Racktime with spring, Snapit
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